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Are you looking for a language teacher, translator or copywriter?

Our team of professionals have more than 15 years experience in the language sector. Our goal is to meet your needs in the most hassle-free and cost effective manner possible. We’re creative, leaders, dreamers and probably most important we’re doers. We come from a wide range of cultures and countries but what we all have in common is a love for languages and the desire to do things well.

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cursos de inglés para empresas

What our clients have to say

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  • The classes with Nativos are tailored to the needs and abilities  of each student, they always work with material related to our needs and make sure we take full advantage of each class. Personally speaking, my experience has been nothing but excellent with them and I've improved my oral expression a lot.
  • Jim translated all the articles for the digital newspaper, Canal Cultura and always carried out the work with great professionalism. For me it was great to know my writing was in his hands and I trusted him completely to give my work a new lease of life. A pleasure to work with!

  • Nativos have great teachers and my experience with them was great. Their classes are always extremely practical and based around the student’s needs. It was crucial for me to learn English for my job, the sector I work in and my professional career and with Nativos I managed to do it.
  • When it comes to English I have to admit I’m a bit clumsy but I really valued the learning methodology with Nativos. It’s probably the first time I felt I could really speak the language.
  • Working with Nativos has saved us both time and money. They always deliver on time and the translations are AWESOME. It’s great to have someone who always delivers on time, or more often than not, ahead of schedule.
  • A broad cultural understanding means you’re guaranteed to learn more than a language. Jim’s a language specialist and an entrepreneur all wrapped up in one and is more than capable of satisfying the training and translation needs of companies with an international vision.
  • There are two things I especially value about Nativos, the quality of their translations and their speed and reliability in meeting deadlines. You can always count on them when you need an urgent translation.
  • Nativos have provided my clients with translations for many years now and I can only say how happy I am to work with great professionals. The quality of their translations is great; they have an excellent turnaround and still manage to go that extra mile. I’ve no hesitation in recommending these guys.

  • Jim has worked with us for years in the translation and adaptation of scripts for documentaries and he always manages to provide high-quality contents.

  • Jim always does our translations and the revisions of the texts in English. The quality is excellent and he always delivers on time. The service and ability to handle unforeseen work is amazing, he’s always available and this means we never want to work with any other translator. He has to be one of the few translators that really know about media and TV and always finds the correct translation for difficult terms that only a true expert knows. Completely recomendable.