About Us

We love languages!

We love languages.

In all its colours, shapes and forms.

We love teaching, learning and translating.

Nativos Language Consultants, about our company

It all started...

…. in 2000 when Jim McLaughlin founded Nativos Language Consultants, providing English classes and translations in Barcelona.

Two of his first private classes were medical doctors. This was when he realized that he needed to refocus his teaching materials.

To truly center on his students, he made sure the classes related to THEM.

So they spoke about hospitals, medical vocabulary and the healthcare sector.

About us
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From that day on

…he only offered business English based on the students’ profession, sector, and level.

Jim’s approach was so successful he quickly found he needed other teachers to help out.

The company started growing through word of mouth, as happy students recommended the services to others.

Nativos today

Fast forward and Nativos Language Consultants has grown to offer its services in most Europan countries, and Northern America.

We now offer corporate training, language classes and translations for pretty much all languages.

A few years back we expanded our services to include:

The basics remain the same though:

We still love languages

We still love languages.

We still specialise in corporate language training where quality and students come first.

And we still grow from people telling others how we improved their English.

So when new clients contact us, like those first two doctors in Barcelona, we have a wealth of knowledge to build on.

We know what works. And what doesn’t.


Here’s what our clients say about us

Who speaks better English at work thanks to our teachers?

Our clients include Deutsche Bank, AXA, Government of Catalonia, Intermon Oxfam, Infojobs, Mediapro, Pepe Jeans, and many others.

Here’s what our teachers and translators say about us

We believe in hiring the right people. Then getting out of their way so they can do their job!

Our teachers and translators are at the heart of everything we do.

A few have even been with us since we started.

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Great place to work. Fantastic team of colleagues and great clients .I'm more than happy to be working with a great team.
GlassdoorEmployee review
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A highly professional team. Very supportive place to work and attentive to their staff´s needs.
GlassdoorEmployee review
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I've been working with Nativos Language Consultants for a year and a half now and the experience has always been positive
Glassdoor.comEmployee review
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Good company to work for. Allows experienced teachers to get on with the job and the rates are good.

Would you like to work with us?

Get in touch, we have vacancies throughout the year.

We’re particularly interested if you:

A) have extensive experience in teaching business English (+10 years) or

B) specialise in fields like life science, fintech, SEO translations, and others. 

We are also interested in sworn translators.

English teacher jobs and translator jobs

Our clients

Check out our Google reviews to see what others say about our translating services and teachers. 


About Nativos Language Consultants

We’ve been getting professionals to speak better English since 2000.

At Nativos we offer corporate training, translations, and language consultancy services.

Headquartered in Barcelona, we serve most European countries and North American cities.

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