Perhaps your New Year’s resolution to learn Spanish didn’t go as planned… and you’re still far from fluent. Have you considered an intensive Spanish course in Barcelona?

With 23 years of experience, our teachers know what works in terms of language classes – and what doesn’t.

We sat down and made a list of 5 nice arguments to inspire you to improve your skills here in Barcelona!

1. How urgent is it to learn Spanish?

Intensive language courses are designed to provide focused and concentrated learning over a shorter period than normal classes. They’re usually more efficient than “standard” classes.

Many of our students have relocated to Barcelona for work reasons, and are in a hurry to learn as they:

  • Feel excluded when they can’t join a social conversation at their workplace
  • Coworkers feel “forced” to change to English when they enter the room
  • Want to integrate into society (versus the “ignorant expat” who only speaks English)

Intensive Spanish courses provide an immersive environment. This constant exposure to the language helps learners pick up new vocabulary and grammatical structures more quickly.

2. Motivation

Are you in the three categories above? Or what is your motivation?

Intensive Spanish courses require a higher time commitment and financial investment, which could motivate you to make the most of your learning experience. This motivation can help you stay engaged and focused, making it all more efficient.

But the most important key to learning Spanish is the why.

This is crucial from a motivation point of view, because it’s hard to learn a language and plough through hours of grammar, verbs and pronunciation nightmares.

Why are you in Barcelona? Why do you want to learn Spanish? WHY do you need to be fluent? For many of our learners, it’s related to the reason they came to Barcelona and Spain in the first place.

Spanish course in Barcelona
You know the Barça song is in Catalan, right? 😜

3. Save time with personalised classes

When we design the intensive Spanish classes for students in Barcelona, we start with your WHY.

Based on what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll design the course to be relevant to you.

Once we’ve covered the grammar and the basic structure of the language, and as early as possible, we pick topics that will help you at work and in life.

  • Is your goal to have informal conversations in Spanish with colleagues? We’ll do some role play
  • If you like talking about blockchain or Spanish history, that’s tomorrow’s topic in class
  • If you want to learn more about Spain and Barcelona, we’ll do activities like walking tours and explore the city together

You’ll never be bored in class, because we’ll talk about YOU and the stuff you like. Or vocabulary and phases that you need to succeed at your workplace and mingle with your coworkers.

Relevance and motivation are two strong components in an academic setting, which is something traditional language schools in Barcelona focus less on.

4. Spanish Walking Classes in Barcelona

Who says a class needs to happen indoors or online? Let’s look at other activities that includes studying Spanish!

Spanish immersion walks, or Spanish walking tours, are an excellent opportunity to practice your language skills while exploring Barcelons. Our town has such a rich culture!

During a Spanish immersion walk, you will walk through different neighbourhoods like the Gothic Quarter or El Born. You’ll check out historical sites in Barcelona, local art, and secret tapas treats, with a native Spanish-speaking guide.

Your guide will help you practice your Spanish skills by engaging you in conversations, asking you questions, and providing feedback on your pronunciation and grammar.

Spanish walking tours are an excellent way for students to combine language learning with cultural immersion and exploration. They are a fun and effective way to improve your Spanish skills (graffiti tour, anyone?) while experiencing all that Barcelona has to offer. Bring a friend?

5. What would I learn during the private classes?

It depends, as we design each course around YOU.

But generally speaking, our intensive Spanish courses in Barcelona tend to include:

Grammar: The private classes will cover the Spanish grammar rules in-depth, including verb conjugation, noun gender, articles, adjectives, and other grammatical structures.

Vocabulary: You will learn a wide range of Spanish vocabulary that is essential for daily communication. This includes words and phrases for common situations like greetings, ordering food, shopping, small talk, and making plans.

Business vocabulary: Similar to business English, we’ll deep dive into business jargon, common expressions and phrases at work, etc. The upside? In Spain, many professionals use English phrases😄.

Pronunciation: You will learn how to pronounce Spanish words correctly and clearly, including the accent and intonation.

Conversation: The course will focus on developing your conversational skills and fluency. You will practice speaking with other students, and the teacher will provide feedback and correction.

Reading and Writing: You’ll also learn how to read and write in español, including understanding written texts and writing basic sentences, paragraphs, and essays.

At the beginning of the course, we’ll do an online level test (for free) to determine your current level.

If you’re interested in intensive Spanish Courses in Barcelona

…we recommend you focus on your WHY, and then find a provider that feels right for you.

At Nativos Language Consultants, our focus is on adult professionals who need to learn Spanish fast. We don’t teach children, and only offer group classes to companies.

All teachers at our language school are native Castilian speakers, with experience in business settings. You choose the day and time, your teacher will adapt. Classes can be online, or we’ll send a teacher to your office.

For Spanish intensive courses to be as efficient as possible, we recommend the following packs of hours (assuming you’re working full time) per week:

  • 7,5 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 16 hours

Too many hours for you?

Our language school also offers regular Spanish courses in Barcelona, with less hours per week.

If you’re an employee working in Spain

If you’re an employee, ask your company about subsidised classes (FUNDAE), as each employee has credit for training. This means the business can write off up to 100% of the price of your professional training, depending on the size of the company.

To be eligible, the classes need to happen during your work hours.

The FUNDAE sponsored courses are free for the employee in Spain.

Yep, that’s pretty generous. Go Spain!

Last but not least

Keep in mind that learning a language takes time and effort, independently if you take an online class or meet in-person with your profesor (teacher, see you’re already learning!).

A popular option among our students is to take a couple of weeks to study and enrol in a Spanish course in Barcelona during the Summer.

Regular practice helps students develop their language skills more quickly. Be patient with yourself and keep practising! With the right mindset and dedication, you can become fluent in (almost) no time.


PS. Prefer to study in Madrid or elsewhere in Spain? We’ve got you covered.

Reviews for our language courses

“I did an intensive course and asked my teacher to focus on grammar only.

Each week we did a different grammar angle in class: present, past… I took a break when we came to the subjunctive.

I then did 3 weeks of conversational classes.”

Nigel Hayes

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