Language consultancy

At Nativos Languages Consultants, it’s all about you. We are here to help you get it right from the word go and make your business grow!

We are Barcelona-based language consultancy.

No matter the business area, culture, place or language, we’re here to help you succeed.

We can help you enter new markets, analyse your current situation to improve, and make sure your company is seen as truly multilingual.


Consultant in Spain

Get in touch for any language-related questions.

We love creating multilingual content and strategies! Let us help your businesses grow.

Style guides & Content creation

We work as an extension to your business to ensure consistency and enforce best practice in language and visual composition in your style guides regardless of size or scope.

Content is key and we all know it. Let us handle your web, email marketing campaigns, blog posts, press releases, etc. We help you reach more clients, communicate clearly and save time and money.

Representation of foreign companies in Spain

Starting your own business in Spain can be very daunting. Help is at hand!

We help with feasibility studies, administrative barriers, office space, legal and accounting services, recruitment and applications for grants and subsidies.

With the right support and advice there are opportunities for new businesses in Spain.

Multilingual and English Marketing

Let us help you with your English marketing and multilingual marketing campaigns.

We brainstorm, find target groups, analysis your competitors keywords… and then brainstorm some more.

This way, we ensure the chosen keywords are accurate and specific to the chosen language.

For example, the word car in English is translated in different ways in Spanish.

  • “Coche” and “carro” will give very different results depending on your target area. 
  • A car’s boot turns into a trunk in the US.

Language skills assessment

We work with your HR department to develop language assessment tests to ensure your business hires individuals with the right language skills for each position and we can also tests the language proficiency of your current employees.

Multilingual AdWords/SEO campaigns

Have you TRULY optimised your websites?
We help you add the final pieces to the puzzle by adapting and sourcing culturally relevant keywords and metadata to get your website found by potential customers.

English Marketing
English language tests

English language tests

Language assessment is fundamental in the management of international organisations.

English language tests help in areas from staff recruitment and promoting employees to group training and foreign representation.

We help you save time and money, and also to hire and keep the best employees.

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