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Teaching, well done

We love being picky

At Nativos Language Consultants, we recognise that it’s hard to learn or master a foreign language.

That’s why we’re picky when it comes to selecting teachers who work with us 🙂

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About Nativos

We’ve been getting professionals to speak better English since 2000.

Over the years we expanded our services to offer more languages, and more locations.

We are based in Barcelona. Our clients and teachers are now scattered around several European and American cities. 

We believe in fair compensation

…and we’re constantly reassured by our teachers that we offer rates above the standard. 

Why? Because we built a big chunk of our business by word of mouth.

It’s easy! We get our clients to speak English. They then recommend us to others.

And in order to keep this going, we only hire teachers we feel are as excited about teaching as we are.

Our clients

Our clients are usually:

  • Business professionals
  • Mid to big size organisations
  • Multinational companies
  • Start-ups

Our classes are always:

  • Customised. If your student is an engineer, we make sure to talk about their latest cyber security project. If it’s a group of sales people, tomorrow’s class might be about their favourite CRM software.


  • Fun! Or hey, we do our best to make them interesting at least 🙂 We are also big believers in motivation and positive praise.


  • Flexible. The goal is clear. We get our students to improve their language skills. If the CRM topic isn’t cutting it, we work a different angle to get the student talking. What was the first thing you did at work today? How did that make you feel? No students are the same, so we adapt until we find an efficient angle that works.


  • Personal. We have a human approach where we encourage our teachers to bring their whole self to work. So we try to be flexible and find a new angle to make the most out of each class. If one session isn’t working, perhaps the student is tired or has personal problems, we adapt. Perhaps it’s not a day to talk about new presentation techniques. Maybe today can just be about listening, and talking about whichever topic the student feels motivated to talk about.
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Depending on the client, classes are...

    • Remote
    • Hybrid
    • In-company classes

What we ask of you

Get in touch!

Sounds interesting?

Feel free to contact us to clarify anything or just to say "Hi!"
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Translations, well done

We love being picky

At Nativos, we recognise that translating is an art.

There are many ways to translate a phrase. Can you keep it short while accurate? And true to the origin?

A good translator makes words come alive.

That’s why we’re picky when selecting translators who work with us 🙂

English classes for companies

About Nativos Language Consultants

We’ve been helping companies get their texts in other languages since 2000.

When we find gifted translators, we try to make sure we keep working with them. 

Some of our translators are with us since we started.


Friendly and direct

We pay on time. Every time. We’re not a big multinational so we truly understand cashflows.

Our approach is friendly and direct. If you’re stuck with a phrase or need the client to clarify something, we’ve got your back.

Our clients are:

  • Spanish, European and North American
  • Small to Mid-size organisations
  • Usually in these sectors: Gaming, Healthcare, Hotel, IT services, Logistics, Media, Pharma, and Technical.

Our translations are:

  • Usually Spanish to English, or English to Spanish
  • Other popular languages are 
    • Arabic
    • Catalan
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Swedish

Our clients

What we ask of you


Send us your CV and let us know:

  1. Your native language and language combinations
  2. Fields of specialisation
  3. Education
  4. Years of experience
  5. Skills: Sworn translator, post-editing services, subtitling, transcription, etc.
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Feel free to contact us to clarify anything or just to say "Hi!"