Spanish courses in Barcelona

Are you a professional working in Barcelona?

Is the language stopping you at work? 

Our Spanish courses in Barcelona will quickly help you feel more confident at your workplace.

Spanish classes in Barcelona for professionals

Our classes are designed for business professionals and executives that have relocated to Spain. 

Most of our courses are in Barcelona and Madrid. 

If you’re located elsewhere we offer online courses, or we can find a Spanish teacher to come to your office.

We teach all levels.

Spanish course in Barcelona

Business Spanish

We are not a traditional language school.

Nativos is a linguistic consultancy with a focus on business Spanish.

We offer company classes, and private classes for professionals and executives.

Our office is based in Barcelona, with clients in many countries.

We adapt to your profile and needs
  • International executives and professionals
  • Companies
  • Freelance workers
  • Remote workers and distributed teams
  • Executives who travel extensively
  • International work positions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Official exams
What are your objectives?

What is your goal?

Let us know what you would like to achieve. We will design a Spanish course just for you.

Learn about what a “normal” class is like with us.

23 years of experience

We’ve been getting business professionals to speak Spanish for the last 23 years.

That means we know what works for adult students.

And what doesn’t.

We teach all levels

Just starting with Spanish? 

Sweet! You’ll quickly learn the basics with our experienced, native teachers. You’ll start with saying ¡Hola Barcelona! and from there on we’ll guide you.

Intermediate-level Spanish

This is perhaps the most fun part as progress can be real quick. Once you have a bit of Spanish it’s easier to step on the gas and accelerate your learning.

Higher levels

If you’re already familiar with the language then our teachers will focus heavily on business settings and vocabulary.

Why learn Spanish with Nativos?

How do we design our Spanish courses?

We never offer the same courses. 

We always adapt to you and your goals.

Do you feel shy speaking? Struggling with grammar? Or need to learn more vocabulary?

You got it.

What's our methodology? 

Your position (software developer in Barcelona? CEO in Madrid?) is the starting point for our Spanish courses.

  • We use examples from your sector
  • Trends for your profession
  • We (try to) make the class fun 🙂
  • We are fantastic at getting people to SPEAK

Your teacher will progressively understand more about how you best learn. And the best techniques to get you to speak more during class.

Our methodology is to weekly analyse how the classes develop.

This way we make sure you learn the fastest way possible. Every hour counts!

Business Spanish courses in Barcelona

Some real-life examples...

You pick the day and the time

…and our teachers will simply adapt.

Most private Spanish classes are an hour or 90 minutes long.

When deciding on how many hours of class to get, we recommend being realistic.

Are you working full-time? Can’t attend the classes during office hours?

It might be better to set a number of hours per week that you can commit to.

Spanish courses in Barcelona and Madrid, reviews on Google

How to get started

1. Interview

One of our native teachers will arrange an online meeting. 

Our objective is to listen to your needs. What is your goal? Your ideal timetable?

We’ll also do a 15-minute oral level test so we can learn about your current level.

2. Level test

Step two is an online written Spanish test. It only takes 10 minutes.

This will allow us to determine your level of Spanish. 

We’ll know the aspects of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, oral and written expression, etc. that you need to improve.

3. Training plan

After analysing your level test, we’ll design your Spanish course.

The plan is based on the number of hours, and the frequency of your classes. 

Our business Spanish courses are designed for companies, executives and professionals.

4. Meet your native teacher

Don’t be shy! 

You’ll get to know each other in no time.

It might be the same teacher who did your test, or another depending on schedules.

We always guarantee a qualified native teacher with at least 10 years experience in teaching Spanish courses in Barcelona.

5. Follow-up

After each class, your teacher sends a list of the words or topics you had problems with.

And homework… if you’re up for it 🙂

We’ll regularly inform you of the progress made. We’ll send relevant materials so you can improve the things you need to work harder at.

Our clients

Check out our Google reviews to see what other Spanish students in Barcelona say about us. 

Ready to improve your Spanish?

Get ready to reinforce your vocabulary and practice situations in which you use Spanish at work.

Meetings, presentations, trade fairs, job interviews…

23 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients endorse our training and workshops.

Sign up for a Spanish course in Barcelona or Madrid!

Here’s how to learn Spanish, fast!

What's the price?

The price for our Spanish courses in Barcelona depends on the following:


  1. Total hours of Spanish classes that you sign up for
  2. Number of groups (i.e. number of students divided into groups)
  3. Online or in-company classes, physically traveling to your office
  4. Subsidies up to 100% of the price are available depending on where your company is based.
All our teachers have +10 years of experience.

We don’t compete on price.

We compete on quality.


Looking for prices?

Get in touch to get a quote for our Spanish courses in Barcelona and Madrid.