Sworn Translations in Barcelona, Spain

At Nativos Language Consultants we have 22 years of experience in sworn translations in Barcelona and all over Spain.

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Sworn translations in Barcelona and Spain

What is a sworn translator?

Let’s start with the meaning:

A sworn translator is an accredited professional who attests and ensures that the translation is 100% faithful to your original document.

From that moment on, the sworn translation has the same legal validity as the original.

You present the document to the legal authorities or public body, and quickly (hopefully) you achieve your goal, such as getting a driver’s license, marriage certificate, etc.

What type of sworn translations do we offer?

The short answer is “all” kinds of translations.

Click below to get more information about each type of sworn translation we offer in Spain.

Sworn interpretation services

Sworn interpreting Do you need interpreting services in a court of law, for example? We can send a sworn translator-interpreter to support you while dealing with the tribunal.

A court certified interpreter facilitates the judicial proceedings communications before, during and after your court date.

You’ll get help with preparing the case, courtroom procedures, etc.

Notary interpreting

Notary interpreting for mortgages, boards of directors, contracts and other proceedings before a notary.

Interpreting at weddings

Interpreting at weddings and civil ceremonies. Don’t let languages be a barrier on a day as important as your wedding. Unite your families!

What do our clients say?

If you read the Google reviews our clients leave us, you’ll see that they highlight our quality and punctuality.

We are a sworn translation agency you can trust. Our headquarters is in Barcelona, Spain, and we work globally.

Who will translate my document?

By law, each sworn translation has to be translated by a certified translator.

1. Depending on the language, your document will always be handled by a certified, native translator, recognised by the official agency*.

2. The translation is signed and stamped by the sworn translator in order to be legally valid.

*In Spain, they are appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAEUEC). In Barcelona, Catalonia, they are appointed by the the Government of Catalonia’s language policy secretariat.

MAEUEC in Spain
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Company records

Are you looking for sworn translations for company records?

We offer a quality service for companies that need to translate records like:

  • General Shareholders meetings, meeting minutes
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Articles of association / incorporation / bylaws
  • Entries in the Mercantile / Companies Register 
  • Tax Identification Number (NIF/CIF in Spain)
Company records translations


Sworn translations of certificates are one of our most common types of translations, in all languages.

There are several types:

Death Certificate

If you need help with the registration of someone’s death, we can help you translate the death certificate, or death record.

Marriage certificate

Getting married? First of all, congratulations! Second, if you are looking to translate your official marriage certificate, we would be happy to translate it quickly.

Divorce Certificate

Sometimes a marriage doesn’t work out, for a myriad of reasons. If you find yourself in the situation of needing a certified translation of your divorce certificate or your divorce decree, we’re here for you.

In Spain, it’s an official document issued by the Civil Registry. 

Certificate of registration

Do you need the Spanish “padrón” or “Certificado de empadronamiento” (census certificate) in English or another language? No problem.

Birth certificates

If you’re in Spain, you can download the birth certificate online on Spanish Ministry of Justice’s website.

To maintain its legal validity in other languages and countries, it would have to be translated by a sworn translator.

We also translate negative birth certificates certifying that someone is NOT registered in the civil registry and the official family record book containing family details (marriage, births) used for official purposes.

Sworn translations of certificates in Spain

DNI, NIE, TIE and passports

Translating official documents for foreigners, such as DNI, TIE, NIE and passports, is perhaps our most requested type of translation. 


The DNI is the Spanish national identity document. It is a public document, issued by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.

What language can we help you with?

You’ll be delighted with our translation services.

NIE (Foreigner Identification Number)

Let our sworn translators, appointed by the MAEC, take care of translating your Foreign Identification Number: NIE. 

What language do you need the NIE in? We translate to (almost!) all of them.

A few years ago they added another type of residence card with an abbreviation that we are now looking at: the TIE.

TIE Foreigner Identity Card

The good news? Our linguistics specialists can quickly help you


If your passport was issued in another country and you have pending filings in Spain, we can provide a sworn translation of your passport.

And if you have a Spanish passport, we can of course also help you with your document.

Sworn translator in Spanish for Medical Records

Medical Records

Your health is everything.

When you need a certificate or your medical records in another language, count on us.

Maybe you have an upcoming trip? Or suffer from a chronic illness and planning for a change of residence  to sunny Spain?

Or perhaps you need your medical records in another language for a work permit or for an insurance company?

Leave your medical documentation in our hands, whether you need a medical report from a Spanish hospital, or a certificate in English from another country, 

  • Medical Insurance Certificate
  • Medical report and records
  • Official Medical Certificate
  • Medical history for international  (intercountry) adoptions


When it comes to medical reports, our advise is to make sure that a simple translation isn’t enough. The price is considerably lower.

Titles, Grades, Degrees, Diplomas...

Did you apply for, or get a job in Spain?

Do you plan on studying in another country? Or doing an internship in a company abroad?

It’s important to pay attention to terminology when translating official titles, grades, diplomas, and academic records.

Homologating a title according to the country is a long and slow process. Our sworn translations, on the other hand, are fast!

We’ll translate your professional accreditations with the highest quality.

You will receive the translation of your university degree, First Certificate in English (FCE), medical degree, etc, with the official stamp accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if the document is from Spain (or the equivalent from other countries).

Other documents

At Nativos Language Consultants we translate all kinds of documents.

Contact us if you need a sworn translation to exchange a foreign driving licence or if you have:

  • contracts
  • tax accounts
  • audits
  • tax returns
  • employment contracts
  • purchase contracts
  • deeds
  • pay slips
  • rental contracts
  • powers of attorney


…or other documents that you need in other languages (English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, French…).

Sworn translation of a document in Barcelona

Pet Passports

If you are traveling with your dog or cat, you may need a pet passport. Depending on the destination, you will need a sworn translation of the document.

You may also need an animal passport for an international pet adoption.

Registered veterinarians are the ones in charge of issuing the pet passport, which, by the way, does not expire.

Woof woof!

pet passport translation

Criminal Records

We offer sworn translation of criminal records and Criminal Record Check Certifications.

It is a common immigration procedure for those applying for Spanish nationality, and for working with children and the elderly in Spain.

It is also common to have to prove the lack of a criminal record to:

  1. Get a work permit (to get a job as an au-pair in countries like the US and the UK) to work in schools, residential care homes, airports…
  2. Request a weapons license

A sworn translator, authorised by the MAEC, will do the translation of criminal records.

The translation itself does not expire, but the certificate does, so be careful with the expiration dates when ordering the translation service. 

Check with the appropriate authorities when you order a copy from the police, or issuing government.

Translate Power of attorney

Power of attorney

Whether it is a general or special power of attorney, our native translators can help you with the sworn translation of the document.

We translate the power of attorney deeds into whatever languages you need.

Our company can help you or your business with lawsuits before courts or tribunals, preventive measures, powers of attorney, etc.

The sworn translators of Nativos Language Consultants are appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the equivalent in other countries.

last will or testament, sworn translations in Spain

Last Will and Testaments

When a person dies there are many bureaucratic procedures.

If there’s a last will or testament issued in another language such as English and you need to present it in another language, you will need to hire a sworn translator.

This way the Last Will and Testament will have legal validity as you present it before the official organisations. The same applies to a declaration of heirs and deeds of acceptance of inheritance.

Types of testamentary wills:

  • Open will 
  • Sealed will
  • Holographic testament / Holographic will

How do I get a sworn translation?

How much does a sworn translation cost?

The price of a sworn translation varies a bit according to your needs. Contact us and we’ll send you a quote with the delivery time.

In order to estimate the price of the sworn translation we would only need to know the following:

1. The type of document

2. Number of words/pages
If you don’t know it, just send us the document.

3. Original language and the language into which the content is to be translated.

  • From Spanish to English
  • From English to Spanish
  • From German to Spanish
  • etc.


4. Country or address to where we will send the signed and stamped document.


  1. Is it urgent ? The price is cheaper if it’s not
  2. Don’t have a scanner? Use your mobile (with a free app to scan pages)


We work in (almost) all languages. Most translations are usually in:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • Danish
  • Basque
  • French
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish

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