Nuestra prueba de nivél de inglés te permitirá conocer tu nivel actual. Y además, te recomendaremos (sin coste) cual es el mejor curso para ti.

¿Cómo funciona el test?

La prueba de nivel de inglés consta de 50 preguntas que debes contestar en menos de 10 minutos. 

Empezamos con preguntas de nivel básico para ir lentamente subiendo la dificultad. ¿Listo?

Good luck!


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Online English test | Prueba de nivel de inglés

1. I _______ from Ireland.

2. This is my friend. _____________ name is Peter.

3. Mike is ______________.

4. My brother is ______________ artist.

5. _______________ 20 desks in the classroom.

6. Paul ________________ romantic films.

7. Sorry, I can’t talk. I _____________ right now.

8. She _________________ at school last week.

9. I _________________ the film last night.

10. __________________ a piece of cake? No, thank you.

11. The living room is ___________________ than the bedroom.

12. The car is very old. We’re going ____________________ a new car soon.

13. Jim is a vegetarian. He ____________________ meat.

14. There aren’t ________________ buses late in the evening.

15. The car park is _________________ to the restaurant.

16. Sue ________________ shopping every day.

17. They _________________ in the park when it started to rain heavily.

18. ________________ seen fireworks before?

19. We’ve been friends ____________________ many years.

20. You _________________ pay for the tickets. They’re free.

21. Jim was ill last week and he _________________ go out.

22. These are the photos ________________ I took on holiday.

23. We’ll stay at home if it _______________ this afternoon.

24. He doesn’t smoke now, but he __________________ a lot when he was young.

25. Mark plays football ___________________ anyone else I know.

26. I promise I __________________ you as soon as I’ve finished this cleaning.

27. This town ___________________ by lots of tourists during the summer.

28. He said that his friends ____________ to speak to him after they lost the football match.

29. How about _________________ to the cinema tonight?

30. Excuse me, can you ___________________ me the way to the station, please?

31. I wasn’t interested in the performance very much. ________________.

32. Take a warm coat, _______________ you might get very cold outside.

33. __________________ this great book and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

34. What I like more than anything else ___________________ at weekends.

35. She ________________ for her cat for two days when she finally found it in the garage.

36. We won’t catch the plane _________________ we leave home now! Please hurry up!

37. If I hadn’t replied to your email, I___________________ here with you now.

38. Do you think you ___________________ with my mobile phone soon? I need to make a call.

39. I don’t remember mentioning __________________ dinner together tonight.

40. Was it Captain Cook ______________ New Zealand?

41. You may not like the cold weather here, but you’ll have to ________________, I’m afraid.

42. It’s cold so you should __________________ on a warm jacket.

43. Paul will look ______________ our dogs while we’re on holiday.

44. She ___________________ a lot of her free time reading.

45. Hello, this is Simon. Could I ___________________ to Jane, please?

46. They’re coming to our house ___________________ Saturday.

47. I think it’s very easy to ___________ debt these days.

48. Come on! Quick! Let’s get _____________!

49. I phoned her ____________ I heard the news.

50. I feel very ____________. I’m going to go to bed!

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The average score is 58%


Una vez realizada dicha prueba, deberás completar una breve prueba oral con uno de nuestros profesores a través de Skype, Zoom o Google Meet que será quien determine cuál será tu nivel definitivo.

La prueba oral no tiene ningún coste, solo tienes que contactar con nosotros y fijamos el día y la hora.

En Nativos Language Consultants tenemos 22 años de experiencia.

* Tu puntuación no puede considerarse prueba de ningún título oficial.

Estándar europeo CEFR

En Nativos Language Consultants usamos el estándar CEFR: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

El CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) o Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas (MCER) es un estándar europeo que se usa a nivel internacional.

¡Ponte a prueba!

Test online de inglés usando CEFR: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Nuestros consejos para el test de nivél de inglés

El objetivo es averigar tu nivel actual de inglés, ¿verdad?

Nuestros consejos:

  • No uses el traductor de Google o servicios similares.
  • No preguntes a otras personas qué debes contestar.
  • Es recomendable que estés en una habitación solo, evita ruido ambiental y distracciones. 
  • Apaga el móvil y aplicaciones (Slack, Messenger, etc.) en el ordenador.


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